malicious reviews

Glassdoor website accepts feedbacks from registered users and publishes unnamed. To post a review, one just requires a unique email ID. In other words, anyone can register in Glassdoor and write praise or criticism for any company & its management personnels! Around this infrastructure, a job portal is run.
The concept of keeping companies in check by public feedback is a good concept, but it demands a great sense of responsibility to be fair.

Since February, 2015 we are noticing that some bad reviews on AAHLAAD are posted on regular basis. We would request the readers not to fall prey on such maligning efforts.

  • "Glassdoor" has never approached "AAHLAAD software" for any employee authentication. They don’t do it either for any other companies. Their model works on trusting the feedback unanimously.
  • We complained on such "maligning reviews" to Glassdoor executives. But as per their policy, our plea was rejected. Interestingly we were advised to "Encourage ALL employees to share a review" (presumably good ones to counter bad ones). We refrained from that.

A neutral person should treat such feedback model as “line drawn on water”, because there is no way to identify who posted it? It can be employee, or company itself or someone else. It’s also a challenge to judge the fairness of the review.

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